My blue cheese spiked Waldorf salad

I’ve had a hankering for Waldorf salad for a week now. I don’t know where it’s come from but I reckon as a lunchtime meal it’s a much better alternative, for me, to sarnies but it a little more filling than a plain old salad.

But as usual I want more!! and in order to elevate this from Waldorf to My Waldorf I’ve added in some dried fruit and blue cheese to pimp it up a little. My rationale behind this is that at Xmas I love Stilton, walnuts and grapes and apple with a little port so I reckon I can’t go far wrong adding in some celery (also great with cheese) and Mayo.

So last night I made a load of mini versions (imagine The Taste but with me as both cook and Nigella) trying to perfect my perfect version. I prefer a lighter mayo dressing and love the idea of grapes AND Raisins so ended up with these. I even tried a little ham in one version which wasn’t bad, but just wasn’t Waldorf!!

So here you are….my blue cheese Waldorf salad…


  • 2 sticks of celery – finely sliced
  • 2 small sweet apples (i used cox) sliced thinly too
  • a handful of grapes (halved lengthwise) and a handful of dried fruit
  • a sweet gem lettuce leaves torn into bite-size morsels
  • as much blue cheese as you can handle (I used St Agur) less is more in this recipe
  • 2 tbs mayonnaise
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • handful of walnut halves
  • Salt & Pepper


In a bowl mix the mayo, the lemon juice and salt & pepper till you create an emulsion
photo 1
Next slice your celery, apple and grapes
Add in your sliced fruit n Veg together with the dried fruit and toss till fully covered.

If eating immediately add in the walnuts, blue cheese and torn leaves and toss before serving

photo 3
if eating later then leave out the leaves and just toss in 1/2 the blue cheese and walnuts and leave till needed.  Then when ready add in the leaves, the rest of the walnuts and cheese and serve

photo 2

Seriously this salad is tart, but creamy.  Low in carb yet filling.  savoury yet sweet.

In short its FLABULOUS!!


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