Do you over-exclaim?!!!?

Throughout my life I’ve been told that I have a problem…

Whether it was writing an essay for uni!!!

Or sending an email for work!!!

Or even texting my friends!!!

….Apparently I use too many exclamation marks!!!

My uni lecturer said that I would end nearly every paragraph like I was a bad journalist. Several marketing directors have tried to reign me in, even making me run internal newsletters past them so that they could de-exclaim me!!!! Even my close friends have warned me that not every message needs to be sent with such enthusiasm.

I guess they may have a point!!! I don’t even know where it came from so I started to research whether this was a peculiar problem to me or if there was some kind of support group that could help me kick my addiction!!!

And then I stumbled upon this and everything became clear!!!!!!


…it’s genetic then!!



talk to me.....

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