a little rant about UKIP

Ive had one hell of a month so sorry if I’ve not been my usual verbose self but there has been LOTS going on.  But theres been lots being said about UKIP which whilst not taking up much of my time has made my blood boil!!

Its really worrying the lack of understanding which has allowed these idiots to gain a stronger foothold.  So much so that it has galvanised many people which is great – but after Thursdays voting it does feel a little bit too late to have made a difference.

One of my favourite bloggers, who happens to be an adoptive parent wrote a fantastic open letter to Nigel Farage which you can read here.  He puts my feelings about the whole sorry debacle that is UKIP far more eloquently than I ever could but his sentiments are almost identically my own.

So whats got me so riled up?

On the day of the vote I facetimed my mother – who informed me that she, along with most of her friends,  voted UKIP.  You cannot understand the sense of freefall I went into when I heard this, I literally could not believe my mother could vote for a party that thinks I am worth less than they are.

What made this worse was that my mother has always been my strongest supporter, gave me away at my “wedding” and is truly my oldest friend.  Not only that but some of her friends were also guests at my “wedding”, have gay friends and are some of the loveliest people you could want to meet. My

Mother, it turns out, voted out of a pack consciousness. Her friends proudly boasted that they had voted UKIP and my mother assumed that these were the party to vote for.  My Mothers reasoning – “its their stance on immigration!”  This from the woman who lives in an almost exclusively white environment which has had virtually no impact from any form of immigration.

Interestingly at least 8 of her friends have emigrated to other countries and as these are pensioners I presume aren’t adding any value to these other countries yet she has a problem with immigration??!?

Yesterday I heard from one of my mothers friends with the following email…

“Keep the GREAT in Great Britain – Vote UKIP”

I sent a slightly more detailed response stating my reasons why UKIP really are not a sensible option to vote for and received a response stating that…

“This vote was only over the EU, Why should we be governed by Brussels?  Im all for getting out!  One strong thing with UKIP is anti War Mongering. Im strongly opposed to sticking our noses in other countries business”

And here lies the problem…

UKIP has won so many votes because people really don’t know whats going on.  There isn’t an idiots guide to what people are voting for and it means people don’t understand the why, what and who in terms of voting.  It may have been true in my mothers friends case that what she was voting for was for an MEP but that wasn’t the case for others, including my mother, who voted based on what her friends were doing.

Its  also not enough to state that an MEP vote doesn’t  matter  whilst complaining that we are being governed by Brussels.  It has been widely reported that UKIPS MEPs don’t even attend the majority of the MEP sessions they are supposed to – so our voice isn’t being heard in Europe.  How then can we complain that we are being governed by Brussels?

The important thing when voting is to remember that no matter what type of elected official you are voting for these are supposed to be our selected representative. So if you want to be represented as a racist, homophobic person who wants to privatise the NHS and INCREASE spending within the defence sector then by all means VOTE UKIP

Just don’t expect a Christmas Card from us!!


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