I love a bit of verbal abuse…

So there I was, a week into my new regime of actually getting off my arse and moving, happily cycling along the cycle lane on my way home from work when some numpty in a 90s throwback souped up car decides he isn’t comfortable waiting behind the line to pull out into traffic but instead pulls right across the bike lane, meaning I would have to swerve into traffic to avoid him.

As Im coming up to him at quite a speed (for me) I gesture for him to pull back so i can carry on and he replies with….

“Like thats going to happen Fat F***er”

Did I slow down?

Did I swerve?

Did I f**k

Full Speed, Fat F**cker, straight into the side of his precious car.

I came away with not a scratch, and even my (very heavy duty) bike came off with no damage.

The same couldn’t be said for his precious car!!

and the moral of the story?

I may be a little bit fabulous but one thing I do know is that Cyclists use cycle lanes, not cars – and we don’t have insurance!!


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