LickyLikey Rides again!!

I cant believe its been three weeks since my last post but thought id write to explain what I’ve been up to.

You all know that Food is close to my heart and those of you who have followed my journey from its start will know that we had an ice cream van called Lulu that we had rebuilt under the trading name LickyLikey.  After a LONG three years of disasters, laughs, and too much ice cream she is now almost ready for her close up.

We had a moment not long ago when we could either sell her or use her – and we decided after much soul-searching that to sell her would be too hard, so within the next couple of weeks Lulu will be up and running (exciting and scary all at once!)

so this month we have been sorting out funding, re registering Lulu as a commercial vehicle and most importantly coming up with flavour options.  So if Chocamochacino, Brighton Mess or Salty Nuts sound like the flavours for you – then watch this space!!


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