What do you blog about when ‘Life gets in the way’ ?

its a rainy Saturday morning and I’ve had a really bad week so i was avoiding doing anything when I realised that Ive really been neglecting blogging for a while now.  I suppose a lack of inspiration has been the reason behind this and I wondered how often people who blog fail to find their voice and let their blogs slide.

I read back through lots of my posts and then checked what I say I blog about.  This blog started out about me and I realise that over the last year the blog has become really about food which wasn’t solely what I wanted to do.

Its not that I’ve not been active – I’ve been microblogging through Instagram and Pinterest and have been a little active on Twitter but its still not really satisfied my need to be creative and I’ve been using the excuse that “life is getting in the way”.

So Im going to try something different for a while and blog about anything and everything that comes to mind in attempt to kick start my creative streak.  Im going to commit to at least once a week so in advance I apologise about any drivel that I spout out.


talk to me.....

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