10 Things to do when you are stuck at home on a rainy day

Its raining yet again so it got me thinking about the things I should be doing instead of binge watching  on Netflix, NowTV or Amazon Prime.

Im a natural list maker and so as I started listing the things I should be doing a blog post was born.

1 – Get artistic

There are some great downloadable craft ideas available via Pinterest. Create something for your home. how about an inspirational poster for your kitchen or maybe while away some hours doing some of the adult colouring, now all the craze but surprisingly therapeutic.

I even spent today creating labels for the hundreds of storage jars I’ve collected over the years inspired by this great pin about creating transparent jar labels that i didn’t think was possible!!

2 – Do that paperwork you keep putting off

We all have those piles of old bills, forms that need filling in or correspondence that we need to complete but never seem to have the time – well, now you do, so get on with it and fill it in, get it ready to post next time its dry enough to leave the house.

3 – Sort out your sock/underwear drawer

Admit it – unless you are a complete control freak somewhere you have a pile of socks or underwear that needs sorting – whether its pairing up socks or darning (yes I said darning) perfectly usable underwear that just needs that small hole fixing.

Be Bold – if you aren’t up to darning, or this is the third time you’ve failed to match up that one sock, or even worse, you cant bear to part with that holy sock that an ex bought you for xmas now is the time to be brutal and dispose of these bits of detritus.

4 – Go on – pamper yourself.

You should have everything you need for a really cool pampering session already at home. Even if you don’t have expensive potions and lotions you should be able to pull together a pampering kit.

I know that for us boys this may seem like an alien concept but spending a little time on our hair, our nails and our faces can make a huge difference. Get yourself a face mask for your face, a deep conditioner for your hair and some good moisturiser for hands and nails and you are away.

5 – Unleash your inner Nigella/Jamie/Heston/Mary

How many times do we come home from work and throw something easy together for our dinners.  Most of what we eat is convenience food in one form or another (even if its just pasta and sauce) and doesn’t actually involve getting in touch with our inner Nigella.

So if you have the time why not create something special.  Either bake a cake, or if you are feeling adventurous then bake bread – and make some soup to go with it. Recipes for all kind of baked treats and even some soup recipes are all available elsewhere on this blog.

6 – Read a Book

Its too easy to switch the TV on and lose ourselves in someone else’s lives. But our brains aren’t as active, or imaginative when we are presented with a visual stimulation.

Admit it, when you saw your first Harry potter film, you already had an idea on what each character should look like, and I bet you didn’t know Hermione was pronounced the way it was either!!

Read a book (and thanks to Ebooks there is NO excuse that you havent got one) and imagine rather than watch.

7 – Write something

A letter, an email, a blog or a book. Write something that isn’t character limited (I’m looking at you twitter) or a comment on someone else’s timeline. Take the time out to pick up a pen and do it old-school.

I was shocked the other day when I tried to manually write something at how hard it was to write neatly – its something thats becoming a dying art and I cant remember when I received an honest to goodness letter!!

8 – Call someone important to you

Your mum, your dad, your nan, your best friend.  Pick up the phone, talk crap, spend time catching up on whats going on in someone else’s life. I guarantee if its raining near you, its probably raining with them, so make that call and make someone smile.

9 – Get out there anyway

its not exactly something to do at home but rain can change a place.  Try out shopping centres, cinema’s, swimming pools (you are gonna get wet in any case) or bowling. All indoor activities that are likely to get packed but might be fun.

Or why not do something no-one else in their right mind will do – wrap up and go out for a walk  by a river or on the beach, go for a drive to watch the storm (just take it easy) you could even take a picnic!!

10 – Cuddle up with the one you love

If all else fails, snuggling is amazing.  whether thats with your partner, your pet, or your duvet. Have a snuggle in bed, stretch out, relax and enjoy not having to do anything! Try breakfast or even lunch and dinner in bed – whatever you do, do it comfortably.


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