Pimped up Chocolate Cornflake cakes

I wasn’t sure whether to post this ‘recipe’ but if Nigella can devote part of her TV show to mashing avocado on toast I can post about my pimped up cornflake cakes.

We are having a Bake off today to raise money for Children in Need and I was on my way home last night when I realised that I needed to provide my own contribution. My problem was that I was totally knackered and didn’t have much in the way of baking ingredients at home.

A quick stop over at Lidl and I got  myself the ingredients to make cheats sausage rolls (bought pastry and skinned sausages – homemade sausage rolls in minutes) AND cornflake cakes all for under a fiver.

I couldn’t just make bog standard cornflake cakes however (Id never live it down at work if thats all I turned up with as Im one of the judges). A root through my cupboards turned up some mini marshmallows, a Kilner jar of dried fruit leftover from last years xmas (I had a mix of raisins, cherries, apricots and currants) and a pack of crunchie bars.

From these extras I took inspiration from rocky road bars to make these pimped up cornflake cakes.


  • Half a pack of cornflakes (cheap is good)
  • 4 bars of milk and 1 bar of dark chocolate (again basic chocolate works here)
  • 4 pack of crunchie bars
  • A large handful of mini marshmallows
  • A handful of mixed dried fruit (anything you have to hand)
  • cupcake cases


  • First break up your chocolate and melt over a bain marie
  • Whilst this is melting roughly chop 3 of your crunchie bars

IMG_2875Add these to your fruit and half your marshmallows ready to add to your cornflakes


  • In the largest bowl you can find add these goodies to your cornflakes and mix thoroughly
  • Once the chocolate has melted pour this over the cornflake mix and combine thoroughly with a silicone spatula so that everything is coated in velvety chocolate.


  • Allow this to cool slightly – just a couple of minutes – and then add in the remaining mini marshmallows (the hot chocolate will have melted lots of the others)
  • Use 2 spoons to pop cupcake size dollops into the cases (I used a muffin tin to hold the shape) and then pop these into the fridge to chill and set
  • Crush the last crunchie in a bag and then sprinkle the dust over the semi chilled cornflake cakes – this should look like gold dust and add to the pimped up feel.
  • Turn up to your bake off looking smug as people turn their nose up at your cornflake cakes – and then taste themIMG_2885

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