Fat shaming – great interview with Beth Ditto

The LGBT community, which prides itself on its inclusivity, has an exclusivist side.  Cliques develop in many communities but the  ideals placed on gay men and women about  how they should look and act are one of the leading causes of depression within the LGBT community.

Whether it’s butch vs femme, focussing on the body beautiful or an eternal search for the fountain of youth, the pressure placed on people within the gay community to conform to these often unrealistic ideals is both divisive and depressing.

So much so that further cliques develop in order to support people who do not conform to these self imposed norms. I guess I fall into these categories as I’m not young, not thin and neither butch nor femme. To me I’ve not yet found my clique which is why I focus on being flabulous!

It was great then to listen to Beth Ditto talking about sexuality, fat shaming and her new plus size clothing range in this interview on Woman’s hour!!

Go Beth!!


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