The love affair is over….

This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write.

Its never easy when a love affair ends, especially when this particular love affair has lasted almost my entire lifetime.

Noone wants to admit when a relationship becomes toxic, when one is damaged by the continued need for the object of your affection.

So that is why, it is with a heavy heart that I have to let you all know that my relationship with CRISPS is finally over!!!

Ive been happily cheating on my husband, friends and family since as long as I can remember with every type of savoury crispiness that I can get my hands on – but it has to stop.My health and wellbeing is being put at risk by the very thing I love.

So that is why Im asking you all a favour. for those of you who spend time with me in any form please PLEASE if you see me reaching for the bag slap my hand, pull them away from me, throw them in the bin and tell me off!!

Dont hold back – just like any addict I will lie cheat and steal if I need a hit – so I need you to keep my on the straight and narrow.

So its goodbye Walkers, Doritos, Crispy Cheetos (sob) Pringles, NikNaks and Chipsticks

So Long crispy bacon, Cheese and onion, BBQ and beans on toast and finally to salt and vinegar – i love you the most xx

Watch this space for updates – or follow me on twitter where Ill be posting live updates of my battle against my addiction.

Wish me luck

Flabulous ‘Ill admit it Crisps are my cocaine’ Blogger


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