2018 – a year of BIG changes

Hi Everyone

Its taken me a while to put this post together as I didn’t  want people to think that this was a New Years Resolution, because this journey started many years ago. But now that everyone has finished their NEW YEAR NEW ME posts it feels the right time to let you in on some changes that will affect my blogging – if not now, then soon.

About 3 years ago I spoke with my Doctor about being referred for weight-loss surgery, not because I was looking for a quick fix, nor because I wanted a body beautiful, but because my health was starting to suffer as a direct result of my relationship with food.

Fast forward a couple of years my referral was accepted and I began to attend the Bariatric  Service at St Richards Hospital in Chichester – going through their process was great as it prepared me for what will and wont happen as part of the process and also dealt with the psychological as well as physical effects of surgery.

Just before Christmas I had my last appointment with the clinic and got confirmation that I am a candidate for weight-loss surgery and that the surgery should happen over the summer.

Its been a long journey with lots of soul searching – so much of who I am is tied into my relationship with food – but I do feel that if I don’t do something about my health now then it may be too late. My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack when he was 4 years older than me – and my maternal grandfather died of a stroke when he wasnt much older.

I know times have changed and healthcare is much better but I dont want to have to be defined by age related illnesses – so the option I have chosen is to have a gastric bypass, which will stall these conditions, give me a chance to live a healthier longer life and forever change my relationship with food.

When I talked to the consulting team about my blog it was in terms of  “well thats that then” and I was somewhat shocked when not only did the team think I should continue blogging, but that I should document my journey in just the way I have been doing – by adapting what I do to a bariatric diet.

So this is it. No major imminent changes but as I continue on this journey you will see my inner foodie focussing on smaller portions, bariatric friendly foods and tips on how to get through some of the challenges facing people going through this journey.

I want to say a huge thank you to those of you who have already subscribed to the blog, and to those of you who have shared my foodie journey, and a HUGE HELLO to any new followers that come along for the new chapter in my life.

Much Love

The Flabulous Blogger


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  1. Shona says:

    Happy to find your blog as I can relate to a lot of what you talk about. I also went for my MDT in Dec and got the thumbs up for WLS at Chichester. So we will probably be experiencing similar things at the same time.

    1. Hi Shona

      Thanks for the follow and your comment. It’s great to meet someone going through the process at a similar time and hope you have a smooth journey along the road. If there is anything you would like to see on the blog let me know


  2. Hope your journey is a smooth one my friend!

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