An apology

I need to apologise to anyone still reading, and to myself, that since I made my big announcement about weight loss surgery I have literally stopped blogging

I guess two things happened…

First Life got in the way. We have had a truly challenging 6 months at home with my wonderful Dazzler experiencing personal, emotional and medical dramas that would challenge the most robust personality (which I am not Btw)

Second I lost my mojo. When I started this blog many years ago it was to document food, life and my weight loss journey but in reality it became all about the food. In my head I had a way I wanted to transition my blog to deal with these changes in my life but then I hit a HUGE writers block. I literally couldn’t face how things had to change and put my head in the sand by not blogging.

It took until this weekend when I realise I have 3 more days of unrestricted eating left that I realised I had forgotten to document my journey and need3d to get a wiggle on.

So here we are hopefully back on track with lots of creativity coming out of my system and if you are still reading welcome back along for the ride.


The flabulous blogger (am I gonna need a new name?)


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