I’ve been thinking about my last supper….

I have 2 days left before I go on a diet specifically designed to reduce my liver size prior to gastric surgery on the 4th of July.  The Snappily called LRD (Liver Reducing Diet) is specifically designed to make access to your surgery area easier for the medical team and is an essential part of weightloss surgery.

Its not the easiest diet and for most people is also known as the Milk Diet because for most people this involves drinking 4 pints of milk per day plus other liquids. However I have, for medical reasons, been given a food version of the diet which is all about hardly any carbs and small portions.  Ill record details of both diets elsewhere on the blog.

I’ll be honest that until Friday I was quite ambivalent about the fact that my relationship with food is going to change forever. I have tried all the foods I wanted to try – even managing to finally try a T-bone steak, which was the one food I had forgotten i had been desperate to try since childhood.

But when Friday hit and I realised that I had 4 main meals left I started to get incredibly picky.  On Friday I suddenly NEEDED Haddock and chips. Last night I HAD to have Spaghetti Bolognese (which I duly made from scratch and then pureed to freeze the leftovers for after surgery) and today we are having Roast Duck with Hassleback potatoes and a medley of gorgeous veggies, all served with Orange gravy.

Tomorrow I am going to one of my favourite oriental restaurants for lunch with a friend but that does leave one last supper (a special with hubby) that I havent planned. I have a feeling it will be paella which has always had a special place in my heart but watch this space for updates.

But this morning I had one of my favourite meals for the last time.  I think I have had several last breakfasts over the last weeks but today was the last last one.

so here it is….


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