LRD – Milk version

This diet is the one that most people (who aren’t lactose intolerant) get put on. You go for 7-14 days depending on what you are advised at your pre-op and you need to stick to it religiously – again the aim is to reduce your liver.

Many thanks to my surgery buddy Julie, who did the Milk LRD for her advise and the menu.

What you need to have Daily…

  • 4 pints of semi skimmed milk
  • at least 1.5 ltr of water
  • 1 bovril or Oxo cube

Regarding the milk – You can use the milk to make milky coffee or in your tea and coffee.  You can also have no sugar crusha…which Ive been reliably informed was a lifesaver

Regarding the water – you use this in tea and coffee or have no added sugar squashes. this shouldnt be fizzy water. You can also make up to 1 sugar free jelly per day

Tablets – Multivitamin and mineral tablet once a day eg sanatogen A-Z Complete or Centrum

Advise – I didn’t do this diet myself but have friends that did. Its up to you how you get most of this in but people have suggested saving the bovril till dinner time as this is something savoury


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