Stage 3 -Normal consistency – Weeks 8 -12

It is now safe to start experimenting with different textured foods. Your tummy has healed and can tolerate a little more than before. its always important to monitor portion size so bear this in mind when making your food!!

Advice you are given is….

  • There will be some foods that you cannot tolerate. Bread, Pasta, Rice and Dry Meats are the usual culprits. Take things slowly, adding one food at a time
  • From about 10-12 weeks you can start trying salads
  • Ty to avoid soft/sloppy foods as this can result in overeating
  • Experiment carefully to see what you can tolerate. This varies from person to person. foods that you could not manage at the beginning will be tolerated again. try again a few weeks later

What do you eat?

At this stage these are examples of the type of food you can enjoy.


Any of the following…

  • 1 weetabix
  • Poached egg on 1/2 slice toast
  • any no added sugar breakfast cereal


Any of the following…

  • Jacket potato with beans/tuna/cheese/prawns
  • Salad with protein (from 10 weeks)
  • Sardines on toast
  • Pitta with cheese and salad
  • Wrap with chicken and salad
  • 1/2 Toasted sandwich


A balanced meal of protein, vegetable and potato. This should consist of…

  • Fishcakes with potato wedges and vegetables
  • roast meat with potatoes and vegetables
  • Chicken curry and rice


You should have three times a day from selection below.

  • Fruit
  • Small handful of nuts


Vitamins calcium and iron are all prescribed and you will be sent home from hospital with these. Any other medication or supplements are very person specific.


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