Bonus post – Day 8 of my LRD, shit just got real

I’m writing this from my hospital bed the day after surgery but fell asleep the night before surgery and never posted.

On the last day if my LRD I was at work again so breakfast as usual, bacon tomatoes and mushrooms washed down with a milky coffee.

I decided that I was gonna skip lunch and use all my protein to have a steak for my last meal and then disaster struck

The hospital rang to let me know I needed to go to a different ward due to overbooked theatres. This did two things….

1 – Threw out my planning brain that had sorted out where I was going and what I was doing

2- meant the surgery was actually happening

Both these things sent me into a full on panic attack. My appetite dropped immediately and I couldn’t really focus for the rest of the day. I remember sitting through meetings, eating a couple of pieces of fruit and drinking water but not much else.

I got a cab home as I did t want to be trapped on a bus which was a great idea. Several mates popped in during the evening which calmed me down enough to eat tinned tuna and lemon juice with carrot sticks but I literally couldn’t stomach anymore green veggies.

I ended up finishing backing my hospital bag then fell asleep at 9.30pm as we had a 5am start to get to Chichester in time.


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