Day seven of my LRD – the night of a thousand pureesk

So its the day before the night before surgery and I really needed to get my arse in gear and get ready for this op.

First off breakfast


I spent the day at work so usual plan for breakfast, bacon tomatoes and mushrooms with a coffee followed by a piece of fruit at 11am – and not another drink until lunch time!!

But what about Lunch?

Lunch was leftover chicken with some salad items and I didnt get a picture. I had this at 14.00 so later than I should have but i was in full handover mode at work so didn’t really concentrate. I had some still water with lunch but didn’t drink enough.

Work got increasingly busy and i didn’t have another piece of fruit until I got home much later at which time my blood sugars were so low I had to do something but more about that later.

A little bit of shopping

we went shopping after work to get the stuff I’m going to live off when I get back from hospital.  This involved running round Sainsburys with a list and not enough energy.  I ended up with the following.

Ingredients to make…

  • Fish pie
  • Corned beef mash and beans
  • Chicken in gravy
  • Cauliflower cheese

In addition I got…

  • some salmon and veggies for tea.
  • Smooth peanut butter and smooth cashew butter (ill try anything)
  • Sugar free Jellies
  • Sugar free custard powder
  • some soups
  • Yoghurts
  • Houmous
  • Cream cheese and smoked salmon (to blitz with lemon juice into a puree when i get back)
  • Flavoured water

A very late supper – 21.30

I got home, crammed a banana in my mouth, made supper (salmon with veggies) then spent the evening making and pureeing the food – filling my freezer with enough to keep me going.

And What did I learn

  • I can be more organised than I believe I am.
  • puree doesn’t taste that bad – with a little care.
  • Make sure I stagger food and for god sake stay hydrated

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