Week two after surgery – babyfood sucks

By the second week after surgery I got into an easy rhythm. I knew when I needed food, I had time on my hands and I was managing to get the liquids in.

But I’ll be honest I was starting to get bored. The babyfood I had prepped for myself went largely uneaten and I was relying on cream cheese, tuna mayo, hummus and yogurts as snacks.

So what did I eat?

Breakfast was protein weetabix with some soft fruit mashed in. I was eating lots of soup at lunchtime but started to swap these out with tinned spaghetti bolognese – which I didn’t blend but which still went down well. Best soup of the week was this oxtail, with added cheese as it was high in protein and really meaty.

In the evening I ended up relying on mash based products to get food in. I lived off corned beef, mash and beans for 3 days. (It doesn’t really need pureeing, just a vigorous forking!!) which was great as I’d made a huge batch. I had another night of bolognese with loads of cheese and even tried fish pie again but I’ll be honest the best meal of the week was this chicken in white sauce, mash and mushy peas.

By the end of the week I started to resent hubby, who was eating normal food, and even started to have my meals separately which shocked me a little. I was really not enjoying food and didn’t see any reason to prolong the agony and I started to snack more, The energy drain was also in full swing so I really didn’t want to do anything. I certainly managed very little exercise and slept lots but I’ll be honest some of that was definitely boredom.

I was bored of food, I was bored of daytime telly and of feeling exhausted all the time and I realised really quickly that I was ready to go back to work.

Things I learned this week

  • You get bored of things really quickly
  • Babyfood sucks
  • Preparation sometimes gets thrown out the window
  • I think I’m ready to go back to work

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