Week three after surgery – tantrums can be warning signs

Half way through week three and I had a full on meltdown.

I’d returned to work on the Monday and was actually enjoying being back In the office, even though I was resting lots and not being 100% productive it was good to be back doing something.

Despite trying to be innovative by Wednesday I started to feel ill putting the purée to my mouth, and even went as far as to ring the hospital to ask them if there was anything to do as purée food was making me feel sick.

By the time I got a call back on Thursday I was actually throwing up and feeling really weak so they advised sticking to milk and liquids as well as stopping all meds and vitamins for a week.

I was still feeling rough when I heard that another of my colleagues was actually having the same symptoms and I realised that this wasn’t related to surgery – I was actually ill!

I lived on liquids for 5 days and lost a stone in weight. I was really rough but because I knew this was a bug I could cope. I hadn’t been enjoying purée in any case so I thought the break would do me good LOL. After a couple of days I started drinking protein shakes instead of milk and that helped.

I spoke to my doctor and the hospital to make sure I was following medical advise and by the following week I was starting to eat, yes still purée but at least it was eating!!

What I learned this week

Life throws you curve balls when you least expect it

People that did he milk based LRD are actual rockstars – I don’t know how I would have done it pre surgery.

Since surgery, but especially this week, my surgery buddies were amazing supports and really helped guide me in what I should be doing. We have formed a great gang and do keep each other on track, and no one who hasn’t been on this journey can understand you like they do


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