Words of Wisdom

I joined several Facebook groups  when I started this journey and they have been an invaluable source of information and support throughout.

Last week someone shared this with me and I thought it was worth sharing with you. Unfortunately I don’t know the source but the information really resonated with me…

“1. Your hormones will get out of whack. Men and women. As you lose fat, you release estrogen and that creates major mood swings. It can create havoc on your system. You might get angry or sad for no reason. You may develop anxiety. You might have depression and/or it might worsen. It WILL get better over time.

2. Women – your periods will change. If you didn’t get them, they may suddenly start. If you were normal before, they might go nuts and happen every two weeks! Some people stop bleeding for a long time. Others never stop. It’s a hormonal thing and yes, it will even out.

3. Eating will suck at first because you will not feel satisfied. Being full and satisfied are not the same thing. You will want more but can’t have it. It will be hard to adjust, but you WILL adjust.

4. Taste buds will change. Things you loved before, will taste different and vice/versa.

5. Hair may or may not fall out. Some people get it badly, others just thin out some. You can take Biotin and other things to help, but most of it you cannot prevent. It will also even out. Cutting long hair does help because it aids in volume and the new hair blends better.

6. Relationships may struggle. You will have to take a look at who you are as a person and a couple. You will change and your significant other will have to change as well. Your whole outlook on food and life has to change – and they will either go along with you, or they just won’t be able to take it. Communication is VITAL to keeping love alive and it’s ongoing.

7. You will lose inches without the pounds. Pay attention to your clothes and not only the scale.

8. You WILL stall. It happens. Be patient. Drink water.

9. Some people with lax skin already, will only get worse. There is no amount of exercise to prevent it. Some young folks and those with different body types might get lucky. I hope it’s you. If it isn’t, just understand that it isn’t your fault!

10. Sex will change for you. It might get better (and I hope it does!) It might hurt too (hormone changes).

11. How you see yourself will change. If you have always been the fat one, you will need to get to know yourself again. It’s a process. Accept yourself and these changes.

12. People will treat you differently – and usually better. This part is hard to take when you realize how real fat shaming is. It should give you a sense of who your real friends are.

13. You may find yourself judging other fat people for their choices. Stop it.

14. Find an exercise you love to do and your body will love you for it. Yes, you can lose without exercise, but exercise is vital to maintaining muscle health and toning.

15. Comparing yourself to others is the best way to fail. You will lose at the pace that your body loses and another person’s success does NOT degrade your own. Trust the process and your doctor. Same journey, but different boats, folks.

Most of all – this is not easy. It will NEVER be easy. Nothing worth it ever is.”


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