Smoked salmon & scramble egg on sourdough

I’ve found that the trick to eating well post bariatric surgery lies in cheating your eyes that you are eating what everyone else is.

The truth is often that you are eating much less and I have friends that, even though they don’t experience hunger, do feel left out when everyone is eating much more than them.

My focus is now on quality over quantity. Where before I would have bought the largest amount for the cheapest I could find, now I make sure I get the best I can.

In the case of my favourite meal, breakfast, this does mean spoiling myself. For this ‘recipe’ I have the best smoked salmon, a free range egg and sourdough bread and present it on a side plate so when I look at it I am having a full plate of food.


1 large free range egg

Pinch of parsley chopped

Salt and pepper

1 small slice of sourdough toasted

Good butter

As much smoked salmon as you can comfortably manage


Pop your sourdough in the toaster and heat a nob of butter in a heavy cast iron pan

Whisk your egg with a little chopped parsley, salt and pepper

Arrange the smoked salmon on the plate, then butter and pop your toast on there too

Pour your egg into the pan then move it round until just cooked, you don’t want rubber here as your tummy won’t take it, the looser the better (without being raw!)

Pop the egg on the toast and devour!!


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