Chorizo & butterbean one pot wonder

This is another new favourite but a little spicier than my sausage and been casserole as it comes from a different place flavour wise. It’s also TRULY a one pot wonder as it has everything in it.

Since surgery I’ve found it hard to get my protein in and looked at this as a way of doing very little work to get a gorgeous tasty result that freezes REALLY WELL. (This baby will easily give me 3 meals and is perfect to take to work and nuke in the microwave there but I secretly like it cold)


1 pack of chorizo flavoured sausages – NOT chorizo but raw versions

2 small or one large onion roughly chopped

Glug of olive oil

Squeeze of garlic puree

300ml Passata

1 tin of chopped tomatoes (and same of water)

Handful of frozen chargrilled med veg

Tsp thyme and tsp of oregano

Tsp hot smoked paprika

Handful of green lentils

Small tin of butter beans

Handful of orzo

Seasoning to taste


Pop your sausages, onions and olive oil in a small roasting tin and pop in the oven for 20 mins on high (you could just do this in the pan but I was feeling lazy and you get a nice crispy onion this way)

When ready tip these into a stovetop casserole, adding in garlic, lentils, paprika and herbs, stirring it all in.

Add in the passatta, chopped tomatoes and water , veggies and beans then pop the lid on and simmer for an hour, stirring regularly

After an hour add the orzo and stir everything (adding in a little more water if necessary) then pop the lid back on and simmer for 15 minutes

Turn the heat off and leave as long as you can – I left for another half hour but it could last much longer

Devour as is or if you have hungry non Bariatric guests add some crusty bread 🙂


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