Daddy or chips??

I’ve not written much about my new healthier lifestyle for a while because, well, to be honest I’ve not been a particularly good boy!!

It’s not like I’ve put ALL the weight back on or anything but I have definitely been avoiding the scales since before Mother’s Day. When I got on them this morning I was not very impressed with myself.

I started to fall into the trap, that I believe lots of us do, of thinking ‘I’ve got this licked!’ I honestly started to believe that because I’d lost a couple of stone the rest would be a breeze and that it didn’t matter if I had that jumbo bag of crisps/family sized chocolate bar/cream cake/boozy night out (delete as appropriate)

I’ve done it a million times before. I start feeling good about myself and then think I can achieve anything only to fall into bad habits because ‘I haven’t really got a problem with food!!’

Don’t get me wrong- you still will not hear me mentioning the D word again!! I truly believe the only way to achieve sustained weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle is to balance intake with exertion- eating well and exercising enough. But this is where I’ve been going wrong, my maths has been off, I’ve not had the dogs around to motivate me to go on the long walks (excuse!) the weather has been crap (excuse) I’ve been at my mums (excuse) and I’ve got a new nephew (excuse).

It’s not like I’m making excuses or anything!!

The problem is I cant afford to, so it’s back to basics for me again. I’m going to put my iPad down now and go on a long walk into town to do some banking/shopping. I’m going to plan my meals for this week and now we are both back at home (excuse?) I’m going to ensure we are eating healthily and not drinking so much!! (That last one is going to be harder, I mean it’s almost Thursday) and I’m going to walk the dogs till they can’t walk anymore!!

Why cant I afford to make excuses I hear you ask? Well that brings me back to the, rather flippant, title of this post. Daddy or chips? It’s simple really, if I ever want us to be considered as suitable adoptive parents im going to have to get fitter!! So when I ask the question ‘Daddy or chips?’ the answer is easy… I want to be Daddy!!

So then I’m going to get back on track, I’m going to succeed and, above all else, I’m going to keep being Flabulous!!


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