I’ll never be a gym bunny….

But I’ve joined the gym!!!

And what’s more Ive been going regularly!!

And I don’t hate it!!

As you all know my mission to get healthy has involved lots (and I mean lots) of walking. But I did get to a point where my weightloss stalled and no matter what I did I couldn’t move on to the next level so I thought it was about time I called in the professionals!!

Now my history wih gyms is not a good one. To this day I have one of the most expensive rucksacks of all item courtesy of fitness first. It was ‘free’ when joining but unfortunately I never made it past induction but still paid for a years membership!! Last time I joined my local gym I made it to session three but never managed much more than this!! So it was with trepidation that 2 weeks ago I went along for the first meeting with my personal trainer and had my workout regime worked out.

The good news was when I got onto the running(sic) machine it became apparent that my fitness levels had improved dramatically!! Last time I did this I was dying at 5 mins on a gentle angle but this time I caned the 15 minutes with limited increase in pulse rate, so much so that I was moved on to the cross trainer!!

The bad news is that I now have aching muscles where I didn’t know I had muscles!! My back, shoulders and arms are all screaming with pain but its a good pain, and I realised I actually did have muscles underneath my bingo wings!!

So 2 weeks down the line I am now a regular and have no intention of slowing down as the Dazzler and I now have something we can do together, which is going to be important as my other bit of news is that I’ve only gone and got a really cool Job!!!

From my previous post you will know that I applied for a job which was outside my skillet but used my experience! Well I didn’t get that job but then another job jumped out at me, from Gumtree of all places!!

So next week I start working for an Internet company based in Brighton as their Head of Talent which is a cool job working for a cool company…win win!!

This just goes to prove what a very good friend said to me… You need to get to rock bottom so that everything gets better!!

Keep being Flabulous!!


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