This ones for my Nan…

My wonderful Nan would have been 91 today and was one of my best friends. Her birthday was 2 days before mine and we celebrated our 21st and 70th birthdays together!! She was, and always will be my birthday twin.

My Nan loved to dance and some of my earliest memories are dancing round her living room with her. The last time I saw her was at my brothers wedding when we danced till we were too tired to dance any more.

My one regret is that later the same year she was too ill to attend our civil partnership. I worried that maybe she had doubts about attending a gay wedding but she didn’t tell anyone how ill she was because she didn’t want to spoil our day. Honestly the women in our family are just amazing!!

I learned that she had passed away whilst we were on honeymoon at Disney World and I went on some of the scariest rides of my life, which I would never have gone on before,in her honour!!

This ones for you Nan…

Happy Birthday Old Girl xxxxx


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