My Flabulous New Lunchbox

Well as you know by now I’m trying to avoid sarnies and thought I’d give myself some inspiration and a treat by investing in a brand new all singing all dancing lunchbox….

20130707-203810.jpgIt’s only a lunchbox I hear you cry!! Not at all. This baby from Black+Blum is the Rolls Royce of the lunchbox world.

Not only is it dishwasher AND microwave safe but it seals properly (so no work bag spillages), has a couple of handy detachable compartments – one you can use for heating things up & one for dressings – and EVEN comes with it’s own fork!!

What’s more the lid can be used as a plate and even has a dipping section, and you can accessorise the whole thing with a bag cum seat pad/desk protector that is utterly inspired!!

I’ve been test driving this baby last week and I am hooked. It made short work of my rice and couscous lunches (I even made the couscous in it whilst I had my shower!!) It also easily took sarnies without squishing them and gave me some space for crudités. What’s more I got very jealous looks from my colleagues as they tucked into their squishy cling wrapped lunch.

This morning I’ve made Mediterranean pasta with chorizo and peppers which is cooling nicely before I shut the lid. I’ll decide whether to reheat or have cold depending on the weather but I’ve even used the little pot for some Parmesan!!

What’s not to Love!!!


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