Brighton BBQ day!!

We Brits have not been lucky in the sun department over the last 100 or so years. So when we get some great weather it’s important to celebrate!!

We’ve had over a week of gorgeous weather so we decided to get a couple of friends round and have cocktails and a BBQ. What could be more simple I hear you cry!! Mmmmmm

Now as you know the Dazzler and I are hearty eaters so when I sent him to the shops to get ‘the best sausages and burgers he could’ he came back with ‘the biggest he could’. Now it’s all good quality meat but we have an issue. Our guests have TINY Appetites and like to pick, so the sight of these gorgeous monsters is going to be a real turn off to them.

I had a choice, freeze the lot and head down to the shops again or Improvise….so here we are…. improvising!!

The Food…

Luckily the sausages, although huge were still in links so I took a tip from Xmas and turned them into mini sausages. All you have to do is lay the full set of links out and then take each sausage in turn, twisting 2 or 3 times along the length of the sausage to make smaller, full width sausages.

The burgers were just as easy. Basically what I’d got was a load of ready made burger meat, already formed, so allI did was mash it all up and start again, forming much smaller mini burgers. The girls will love these as I’ve also made my own cheese squares the right size To go with.

I’d already got my dough rising for bread so at second rise these have been turned into mini hotdog and burger rolls so that means the girls won’t have to deal with too much bread. Not only will they both look fab but you look like you’ve gone to a posh butchers as they aren’t all even!! Both these work fantastically well for kids as well as tiny eaters

I also had some chicken thighs and legs that I’d marinated in a BBQ sauce so Ive just butchered these into smaller pieces too. I’ve got a salad, some couscous, dips and crudités so think we are ready to go.

The Cocktails…

I’m not sure the girls will handle my rum and coke float so I’ve been thinking about what to serve on such a hot day. I ADORE Mojitos and have mint growing in the garden so think they will feature but i also know the girls love their Gin so think I might have to go all 80s with G&Ts for them.

Now I’m diabetic so Mojitos could be a problem but luckily I learned how to make my own sweet syrup using hot water and granulated sweetener. The trick is when you’ve added the sweetener add a tiny squirt of honey as this gives it a richness that it misses otherwise. The rest is just an assembly job!!

Lastly I have a bottle of cheap vodka in the cupboard but I’ve decided, in the spirit of Improvisation that I’m going to create gorgeous redcurrant vodka (mainly because I have a glut of red-currants that have just ripened in the garden) I’m adding some of the sugar syrup to a pan and then adding in the red-currants and then steeping for an hour. I’m then adding the whole batch to the vodka and allowing it to infuse, straining out the currants later. The result should be pinkilicious.

So that’s our Saturday sorted, piccies later, I hope yours is just as FLABULOUS!!


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