A Monday evening celebration…

It’s a Monday for gods sake!!!

And I cut a particularly lonesome figure as I sit in the sun, in the beer garden of my local – Charles St in Brighton for those of you interested – but you cannot wipe the smile off my face!!

20130715-181504.jpgTrue, hubby is away, I’m dog sitting alone, and it’s been a challenging day at work but you CANNOT wipe the Flabulous smile off my face. You see the sun is shining, Im watching the wheel rotating slowly, there is the occasional squalk of seagulls overhead and I’m not really alone…I have my two mates Jack and Daniel keeping me company…

In fact I’d guess you could say I’m in a glass half full kinda mood and all because a group of stuffy old folks made the right decision and passed the equal marriage bill in the UK!!

I cannot express enough how happy this has made me, not because I will be equal (although I know how important that is) but because we will finally be “married”

Not ‘civil partnered’, not ‘hitched’, not ‘ball and chained’ but actually honest to goodness, in sickness and in health, MARRIED!!!

It is truly Flabulous and makes me proud to be British!!!



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