Today’s the day….I asked him to Marry Me!!

What a difference a few years makes!!

When I asked the Dazzler to “marry” me the first time round, we were at Brighton Pride and drank champagne and ate strawberries in the park the whole day to celebrate. We didn’t live here then, but were staying in a posh hotel on the seafront and had only known each other three weeks, but we just knew what we had was special!!!

When we had saved up enough, some 4 years later, I logged into my laptop and started to plan. Excel was my tool of choice, google fuelled my imagination and a file on my computer was where I saved ideas to discuss with the Dazzler. And email was how I shared tidbits about the day with people.

Fast forward another 5 years and I’m blogging about asking the Dazzler to Marry me on FaceTime and then Facebook and I’ve just created a Pinterest board so that I can share my ideas with the world!! I’m even planning to Instagram the whole planning process!!

So why such a big change?
Times have changed. When we got “married” I honestly didn’t feel any less than my brother or best friend, both of whom had civil ceremonies the same year, but its only as this debate has raged on that I realised that some people don’t see what we have as the same. Most of my mates didn’t realise we weren’t married, as to them we were, but I started to feel less equal.

So why the social media splurge? Well we happen to be in separate parts of the country on this momentous day, the day the Queen gave Royal Assent to the Equal Marriage bill, meaning it is now Law, and I promised as soon as it was legal I would ask him!!

I’ve also got friends that I only see online now, and we keep in touch through social media, so it’s as important to share this news with them, as it is the people that I see in real time.

Some things won’t change….

We have chosen a different venue this time. Something low key which will allow us to share our day with those people that matter but also with our beloved Dogs and LuLu but there will still be champagne and strawberries!! There will still be a ChoccyWoccy cake!! And of course there will always be our family and friends!! And we will still have our day our way!!

But Im hoping to share our journey to the ‘altar’ with more people this time, both in the run up, and on the day!! So come and join the fun until the day we can finally say we are…



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