I’m sorry it’s been a quiet week…but Ive been a busy boy!!

First of all to all my regular readers I send my apologies…I’ve not posted anything this week. Not through lack of inspiration but through lack of energy!!

You see my official job title is ‘head of talent’ for a digital marketing agency in Brighton. However we are a small operation and as Ive had operations experience and we are moving…I sort of volunteered to head up the move team!!

Now when I say head up…I mean lots of dogsbody jobs including anything from moving desks to arranging floor plans, to grouting tiles to arranging subcontractors to sending out updates to the team. Now for the first couple of months is took up a small amount of time but as things got towards move day (yesterday) I got even busier and exhausted.

Now when I say team I mean me and 2 techie guys who were pure genius but not always experienced in moves. In fact if it wasn’t for one of the guys who basically physically helped me move furniture and pack up we wouldn’t be finished yet!!

So we finally finished after a twelve hour day yesterday and are ready for everyone to hit the new office tomorrow which leaves me with a small window to give some attention to my pets and my Flabulous blog before I go back to bed again!!

Things Ive learned through this process…

I am not superhuman
Movers cannot be trusted (we are down a TV)
Never move on match day – even when the movers suggest it
Always over prepare
Always get more people in than you need
DBags need to eat regularly (who knew!!)
Regular sleep is AS IMPORTANT to DBags as proper diet
I am not superhuman

So a very sleepy Jimbob wishes you all a good night and am about to cuddle up with my doglets for 12 hours to repair the damage I’ve done to myself!!

Oh and the office?

It’s Flabulous!!

(view from my desk)


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