Because I miss him

As you know last week was a hard one which culminated in an incredibly hectic weekend moving us into our new office.  I was beginning to feel really depressed and wondered if it was too much work, not eating right or just move stress but then I remembered….

I Miss Him!!  

You See the Dazzler has been at his Mums with our Niece and Nephew since Thursday so I’ve been on my own with the Dogs. To be honest it was a godsend over the move days as I could come home, feed the dogs and crash until the next day without having to think about anyone (or even personal hygiene!!) but then I realised…..

I Miss Him!!!

Then on Sunday, the physical move was all but completed, I had to prep for Mondays Big move in day so I slept lots, watched movies he wouldn’t like (A song for Marian *Brilliance*) ate Food he wouldn’t eat (Chinese) and generally slobbed about.  Something in the film made me laugh out loud and look over to his spot on the sofa, as I knew he would laugh despite himself.  I realised he wasnt there…

I Miss Him!!!

All this made me think. When he is here sometimes we fight like cats and dogs, we bicker incessantly, we drive our families mad with it. We disagree on so much and drive each other mad at times. But then when he isn’t there I don’t quite feel right. In fact I don’t feel me because I am part of us. Because I miss him….

I Must Love Him!!!


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  1. RogueGirl says:

    There really is nothing more to say than that. xxx

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