Thursday is the new Friday

Having worked over the weekend I thought it was about time that I cashed in some of my overtime so booked off Friday so the Dazzler and I can have a bit of a party weekend.

What ths means is its Thursday evening and for the first time since I started work (just over 3 months) we are getting our glad rags on, listening to music too loud, donning face packs, drinking cocktails and prepping for a late night on the tiles…on a THURSDAY!!

Now anyone who is anyone is saying that Thursday is the new Friday, and that may be true. What I’m beginning to realise though is that those people are probably young enough to be my children!! You see in order to have a Thursday night out, as if it was the start of the weekend I’ve had to….

Book Friday off
Stock up on hangover fuel (see previous posts)
Warn family and friends not to call tomorrow
Up my meds tonight

Now for those of you who are laughing at this because you empathise…rock on!! For those of you who are laughing at this because I’m sad and old remember this….

I get to wake up in the arms of the man I love not a stranger
I’ve gotta job I care about enough not to fuck it up being hungover at work
AND I’ve got to the age where I can throw together a full English (Google that foreign chums xx) in less than 10 minutes WHILST HUNGOVER

Whoever said a life begins at 40 had it BANG ON!!

Oh and for everyone laughing at the fact that ill be suffering tomorrow remember this…

Diabetes drugs reduce blood sugar…and make an excellent hangover cure!!!

(I may have been slightly tipsy on (sugar free) appletinis when I wrote this…sorry)


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