Are we really going to have to get “divorced” to get Married this year?

I just realised I haven’t posted about this, other than about my happiness that Equal Marriage was passed last year, and its about time I stood up and was counted as it were.

Firstly I want to thank the Government and the Queen for granting us Equal Marriage, BUT I’m very frustrated  that those of us who went ahead and got civil partnered (as it was the closest thing we could get to being “married”) are being made to wait yet again – whilst those gay couples who decide they want to get Married now – can go ahead and do it in March as soon as everything becomes available!!

We have been together 10 years, have been “married” for coming up to 5 of those and yet a couple who meet this year and apply early – will be able to get Married before us – and we have to wait and watch them do it.

All I’ve wanted to do since I met the Dazzler is to be Married to him – we got engaged 2 weeks after meeting, before civil partnerships had even been allowed – we knew this was what we wanted, yet we had to wait. And wait we did, patiently, politely, like good little gay boys.

I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life. I waited from 16 years old, even though Id known I was gay from much younger, till it was legal for me ( at 21 then).  I watched as the age of consent was dropped and then equalised, too late for me I might add, and celebrated with the rest of them.  When, much later I met  Dazzler we knew the law was changing and we waited.  By the time we could get “married” we couldn’t afford it so we waited some more, then in 2009 we finally “tied the knot”.

It was a flabulous ceremony, but we still weren’t Married  – just “married”. I watched My best friend and brother get Married in the same year – both having civil Marriages that I convinced myself were no more important than our own, but it still niggled me. I still felt “married” not Married.  Every time I fill out a form (which already has the Marriage option but which often doesn’t contain a civil partnership option) I am often reminded of this difference – but still we waited. Things were changing throughout the world and we knew it would come to us too.

So last year we were overjoyed – no more waiting (well only till 2014 when the law would be implemented) we could finally get Married, for real, no compromises, no differences, finally EQUAL!  But wait… seriously wait. Apparently we need to wait (are you seeing a theme) till forms and processes are updated to reflect the changes from civil partnerships to Marriages – are you Kidding me?  

Its been almost 9 years since we had civil partnerships and still banks, councils, internet sites, gyms, even supermarkets for god sake still haven’t caught up with the changes – so do we wait another 9 years?  No – we wait ” till sometime later this year” to find out when we will be able to convert our civil partnership to a Marriage…

Is it really fair that yet again we have to wait – I’m with the man I love and I mean seriously….am I going to have to get divorced in order to get Married?


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