I’m disappointed in myself

…but not as disappointed as my doctor is!!

I had my annual diabetic check up yesterday and whilst there was good news – my cholesterol is down and I’ve got no sensation or blood pressure problems – I have had a sustained spike in my blood sugars over the last 3 months and my weight is WAY up – I’m talking 12 pounds more than last year.

Whilst this was a blow I cant say that I was surprised. I knew as soon as I took on a much more sedentary office job and didn’t walk the miles I used to each day, I would put weight on.  Add to this the fact that I haven’t watched what I’ve eaten AT ALL in the last 3 months and the extra stress we have at work at the moment has meant that my weight has spiralled and my diet control is out of the window leaving me with higher than normal blood sugars.

Even worse is the fact that I am to blame. Noone else puts the food in my mouth, I do all the cooking, and I even have my shiny new bike, rusting outside in the garden because I haven’t been able to get on it since I was ill before Xmas and I keep giving excuses as to why – but actually I should just bloody do it!!

My diabetic nurse was all for putting me on a statin (more bloody pills) but thankfully the Doctor wants to give me three months to turn things round and get my weight more under control which was the only saving grace of the meeting. Where last year I had to beg not to be put on a statin this year the doctor was thinking the same way as me.

So here I am again, another January, another challenge but this is one I’m ready for. Its strange that what could have been a set back for me has got me all fired up. I’ve been given three months and I’m not going to waste them. I’ve spoken to the Dazzler and we are moving to healthier foods immediately – I’ve even been pointed in the direction of diabetic friendly pasta and noodles!! (thank you GirlMeetsVeg) – and whilst I’m not going to spin classes with him any-time soon I am gonna get off my arse and walk the dogs more, and cycle to work when I’m up to it. but in the meantime ill start to cycle locally to get me back in the saddle!!

In three months time I’m going to be fitter, my bloods will be under control and I will have lost weight. After all this isn’t just for me any more. We want to be taken seriously as adoptive parents and in order to do that I need to be fit enough for the kids, not just for me.

Keep being FLABULOUS xxxxx


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