It’s a Yes for Marriage Equality in Ireland #MarRef

Congratulations Ireland

For the first time, since marriage equality campaigning began, a whole country has had the opportunity to vote for, or against, Equal Marriage – and by overwhelming majority have voted for equality.

With both sides sure of victory it appeared to be a closely divided campaign. However by truly giving individuals the opportunity to influence change it appears that Ireland has galvanised public opinion and that opinion was that voting was the right thing to do.

And come out to vote they did!  More people than ever turned out for this referendum. With the With the hashtags #MarRef#voteYes, #voteNo  and #hometovote, (encouraging Irish expats to come back to vote), trending on multiple platforms it looks like the Irish population didn’t just think voting was the right thing to do, but that voting for equality was the right thing too!

Why am I so excited about this though? Well my half brother and sister are Irish and I want them to grow up in an environment where it’s ok to be who you are, and more importantly marry who you want to, so this news really does make me happy.

It does make you think though- Is this the future of democracy? People coming together to make decisions without relying on the mystical whims of elected politicians? It certainly seems so from the unprecedented turnout of voters for this and the speed with which this decision was made.

In any case people of Ireland we salute you And we are off to celebrate this great news the best way we know how – with Eurovision!!

What a Flabulous Day



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