Do you think we should still be sending real birthday cards?

I promised  a blog a week and so here I am on my birthday sharing with you some of the insane images Ive got sent today.

These are all the ones I got online.  I have some lovely cards from close family and friends and a cool one from work but actually this sums to about 5 cards which when I think back 10 years would have made me feel positively friendless.

I got some more traditional age related ones…


Some whacky animal themed ones…

dinobirthday hamsterbirthday

and some downright scary ones…

sexybirthday  IMG_5765

It has made me think though…

When did we stop sending cards and start sending gifs?  Come to think of it, outside of family whose address do I know anymore to send birthday/christmas/celebration cards to?

But then I realised that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing?  I now get messages from many more people than I would have got cards from in the old world. Ive also been able to wish my “happy birthday” to many more people than I would have way back when.

Im also saving the environment!!

I remember when the businesses I worked for cited saving trees as a reason to send an Ecard each year and used to think that they were cost saving and I couldn’t help feel cheated.

But that was then and this is now,. The warm feeling I get from lots of well wishes far outweighs any loss I could feel at NOT getting physical cards, which lets face it will mostly get recycled anyway.

How many of us experience birthday guilt when, despite the reminders we get sent and in some cases we have set up ourselves, we still forget to send a card?  Not forgetting that even when you do remember many of the snail mail cards that I send and get sent either miss the date or don’t turn up at all.

How much better do we feel then when we log into Facebook and our reminder pops up, only to find that loads of other people have already sent messages and ecards.  Not only do we feel better about forgetting but we actually feel part of a community wishing our loved one, no matter how remote a Happy Birthday!!

So thats it, its decided, with the exception of close family and friends Im all for the Ecard!!  What do you think?


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