More fat shaming in the media – this time aimed at Wentworth Miller 

Fat shaming is a cheap shot.

People in the public eye face increasing pressure to fit a certain aesthetic.  We only see a snapshot of that person in a movie or TV series filmed over a relatively short timeframe so it’s easy to think that this is the actors normal state.

In reality getting ready for a part will involve hard work and abnormal behaviours in order to reach this aesthetic. Daniel Craig spoke of the challenges he faced in getting James Bond ready and he is in relatively good shape to begin with. Carrie Fisher also hit out at Hollywood at the pressure she felt to get in shape to reprise her role as Princess Leia in the recent Star Wars movie.

Sometimes the pressure to maintain this aesthetic can be too much. I often see articles  mocking celebrities who have got fat/ aged badly/ let themselves go.  These cheap shot articles don’t look at the deeper picture – the reasons behind why people choose not to aim for this aesthetic.

The lad bible recently took a cheap shot at Wentworth Miller with a meme focussing on his time after Prison Break, something that they later apologised for, focussing on his temporary weight gain after the show. Wentworth took to Facebook to respond to the meme and showed real class, as well as both honesty and empathy, in his response.

Read more about it at the Huffington Post article below…


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