Really easy blueberry burst ice cream

Just a quickie as its bank holiday and we have lots on but I haven’t posted in a bit and had to share this recipe with you all.

Yesterday I made possibly the easiest, and most delicious ice  cream Ive made so far. I’m  calling it blueberry blast as its so chock full of blueberry goodness that calling it a ripple would be doing it a disservice.  I made it as I had some frozen blueberries in the freezer that needed using and I must have already decided I was making ice cream, as I had subliminally ordered both proper fresh custard and double cream from ASDA.

Ok so from above you can see that I’ve ‘cheated’ with this recipe but it was so worth it! Obviously you can make this with homemade custard but make sure it’s got eggs in, as this recipe really needs it.


  • Bag of frozen or 2 pun nets of fresh blueberries
  • 150g sugar
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • 500ml pot of good fresh custard (the stuff with eggs in)
  • 278ml (small tub) of double cream


In a pan combine the blueberries, lime juice and sugar, then bring to the boil and simmer gently for 20 minutes. You are aiming for a loose jammy consistency. Leave this to cool completely

In a jug mix your cream and custard, adding a little of the blueberry juice for flavour (just a swirl at this stage)

Add the custard mix to your ice cream maker and after 10 minutes add in half the blueberry mix. After another 20 minutes add in the rest and leave the machine to do its thing till it’s finished. (I did 50 minutes in my cuisinart)

When the machine has finished, transfer the ice cream to a freezer container and allow to harden some more (I managed 4 hours)

Serve in cones for the best experience



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