Day five of my LRD – running around

Day five and with only 3 more days to go I thought I had the hang of everything as I’ve not been feeling as hungry but when life throws you curveballs (even impromptu shopping trips) it throws prep out of the window,

First off breakfast

I had breakfast as usual, bacon, tomatoes (grilled this time) and mushrooms with an earl grey tea, nothing to see here!!

At 11am I had a piece of fruit as a snack and then popped out to run some errands.

So what about lunch?

My errands ended up taking longer than expected which left me late to lunch, which unfortunately ended up being just some protein (some slices of Yorkshire ham (not as much as pictured) as I didn’t have time for anything else,

After an impromptu shopping trip to the range I was feeling really low despite being hydrated and so stopped for some olives and carrot sticks. These filled a gap and whilst we were In Sainsbury’s we decided on BBQ chicken for supper, so purchased a million salad items, some thighs and legs and I came home to marinate everything.

And so to Dinner – 20.30

I used lemon juice, herbs and garlic to marinate the chicken and then precooked it in the oven before finishing on the BBQ. It was just what the doctor ordered and I have lots leftover for lunches and loads of salad items to deal with hunger pangs.

Finished the night with a handful of raspberries from the garden mixed with my yoghurt and all was well with the world.

So what have I leaned today?

Be prepared!! Have options ready, and carrot sticks are your friend.


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