Day four of my LRD – best dinner yet!

I realised today that I have already lost 11 pounds since starting his diet which is amazing. I also realised that I should have stopped taking one of my diabetic meds which now I’ve realised should make the rest of the week easier.

I was running late most of today but have realised that’s nothing new. I also had a skyr yoghurt pouch at work which is sipped on throughout the day.

First off Breakfast – 10.00

Another late breakfast with bacon, microwaved tomatoes and mushrooms. Nothing to see here but was tasty and washed down with earl grey tea and lots of water.

I also had more watermelon today at 12.00 which was really refreshing and kept me going till a late lunch

Next up Lunch – 13.30

Mackerel salad again. The other day I swore I could avoid this for the rest of my life because of the smell but was drawn back in again.

I had a banana at 4pm and even survived the weekly worms drinks with some flavoured water.

And so to Dinner – 20.00

For Dinner I ground up some steak (thank you kenwood chef mincer attachment I finally get to use!) to make a burger patty for me and a couple for burgers for hubby.

In a saucepan I then mixed chargrilled vegetables from the freezer with 6 microwaved tomatoes (skins just fell off) some herbs, garlic, salt and pepper and just let things simmer whilst I cooked off the burgers (and oven chips for hubby).

I chopped up my burger into cubes and then threw into the chunky veg mix and let reduce for a further 5 minutes.

This, on its own, has been my favourite meal so far. I wrapped this off with a peach and 50g of yoghurt about an hour later.

And what did I learn

That you don’t need hours to create an innovative he’s,thy meal. You just need the right ingredients to hand and a little thinking outside the box.

Day 4 is over halfway through for me and I’m getting into my stride. I am starting to listen to my body and am being careful not to let my sugars drop.


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