Day six of my LRD – felt like a blowout

Today I was totally wiped out.  Extremely low carb and fat has left me incredibly snappy with no energy and the heat has left me listless.  I ate well, and planned much better than previous days but still managed a meltdown when my brocolli had gone off just before dinner (note to self, never leave fresh veg out in hot weather!!

First up Breakfast -10.00

I had my usual breakfast which was tricky in the heat – although I did eat it in the garden surrounded by Nature and with a sea breeze so it wasnt all bad. Plum tomatoes and Chestnut mushrooms were the bomb and ill be really honest i almost had another bit of bacon but i resisted.

I snacked on sugar free ice poles in the heat and pottered round the house and missed my morning fruit, which I made up for later.

And so to Lunch – 15.00

Lunch I got creative. I had a couple of leftover BB chicken legs and crudites with a homemade Tzatziki made with greek yogurt (from allowance), grated cucumber and spring onion, garlic, salt, pepper and herbs. it was delicious and very satisfying and a real change up from Salad. No chance of a pic though – it went too fast.

A little drive out to see friends, a lot of flavoured water, an apple and some sunshine later and we arrived home to make my “roast dinner”.

And so to Dinner

This was a chop, with mashed carrot and suede and green veggies smothered in gravy. OMG taste sensation, but dont be fooled by this plate. I managed half and the other chop went to the dogs!!

Dessert was an orange and nectarine chopped up like a mini fruit salad.

And what did I learn today?

Hot weather really is a bitch and I really need to stay hydrated


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