The week after surgery – Homecoming

We arrived home around 6pm and I was ready for a nap but realised I already needed to eat. I had been sipping water all the way home (top tip, you have been drinking water continuously in hospital so make sure you are ready to keep hydrated. We got a cold bottle from the cafe as we left the hospital.)

It was at this point that my first wobble hit – I had no idea what to do for dinner and even though id prepared everything in advance I just didn’t know what to do. I put this down to a combination of tiredness being back at home and being out of the hospital environment where everything was measured for you.

I went safe with cheesy bolognese – having 3 ice cubes worth with extra cheese it slid down really easily and whilst it wasn’t ‘protein, veggie, carb’ I reckoned it was enough to get my protein and veggies in. I followed this later with some yogurt and kept drinking 30 mins before and after meals.


Although it was a late one we still went to Asda to stock up on things I didn’t think I needed.  These included…

  • More low fat low sugar skyr Yogurts
  • Pate and Hummus- for snacks (top tip here, get the good stuff, you aren’t eating loads and it does make a difference)
  • Flavoured waters – I just got loads of different flavours as I didn’t know which I would like
  • Tinned soups – Lentil and Bacon had the highest protein and got me through the first 4 days lunches until I made my own
  • Smoked salmon ends and cream cheese – to blitz with lemon juice into a nice pate
  • Moist toilet tissue (life gets messy after surgery)
  • Nectarines (I skinned and blitzed these for fruit puree)
  • Seriously Spreadable Creamy Cheese Squares – these are like intense flavour cheese triangles and really hit the spot when I needed a snack

By the time we got home I was cream crackered but felt much more prepared to face the next day.


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