Last Day in Hospital

By Day 3 you are an old hand. Monitoring at about 4am (woke us up but try not to) and then a cuppa at about 6.30am.  Day staff introduce themselves and confirm that you are expected to be going home that day.

We were all looking forward to getting out of dodge but were forewarned that despite being able to leave about lunch we would have to wait for medicines from the pharmacy.

Pain relief came round and I finally had my first suppository. The girls told me I was a numpty for waiting so long as the diclofenac they use really helps with the pain as I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (think arthritis in the spine).  OMG it made such a difference so my advice to you is – if they suggest you have it, HAVE IT.

We also had our morning injections, and I finally did my own. As I mentioned in my last post until now I have been needle-phobic but realised I had to do this for 14 days so had to get over myself.

Our first breakfast came around at 8 o clock.  I opted for 2 tbs yogurt (vanilla) and 1 tbs pureed fruit (peach) which was tasty and looked like this…


After breakfast we were all encouraged to have a shower – I took the opportunity to shave as well which felt really good after having stubble for a couple of days.  After cleaning up and making ourselves presentable we all started to get our stuff ready to go and then sat back to a morning of banter and watching TV shows on our devices.

Lunch was fish in white sauce, mash and carrots which unfortunately didn’t last as long as it took for me to take a picture. I didn’t rush it, I just forgot but as before I was able to finish everything. One thing to note – Seasoning is key here, things can taste bland so use the salt and pepper they give you to pep it up. it really makes a difference.


After lunch I got an impromptu visit from one of my besties, who had surgery 7 months ago and was up for a scan. It was great to see her and chat crap about surgery. After they left we continued watching tv, chatting and waiting for our discharge notes and pills.  Around 3pm the first to leave us was Candie  – who’s multiple carrier bags of meds and discharge notes arrived around 2.30.  She left with her husband shortly after.

Julie received her meds not long after and we passed the time until her partner arrived to collect her – They stayed for a bit to chat and then headed off, just after my hubby arrived to collect me.  I think they hung around so I wasn’t on my own which was really sweet.

We had a bit of a wait for my meds as I asked too late for prescription of the suppositories so they had to amend my order.  (it was however worth the wait)  They arrived around 4.30 and hubby and I made the move to leave.


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