Week four after surgery – and I never want to see puree again

So its the last week before I move onto soft and crunchy and after I got over being ill for the last week (bonus I lost a stone and I didnt have to eat puree ) I really still didn’t want to eat.

I did however need to get some food in so I was gradually working my way up to more solid food. It was at this point that I decided to get clever and try some unusual food combinations.

I tried tinned cod roe with mushy peas and mash – closest thing to fish and chips I could think of that didnt involve me pureeing the protein.  I also had very loose scrambled egg with a little cottage cheese mixed in and some smoked salmon.

Towards the end of the week I did try chilli (no rice) without pureeing. I also had fishpie that wasnt pureed and whilst these both involved chewing like crazy they did give me real food to get my teeth into.

But ill be honest with you – I was so over puree that for most of the week I stuck to cheese squares, Hummus, Pate and Ready brek. Anything that I didn’t have to puree and got protein in quickly. by this point you are focussed on protein and so food stops being a source of enjoyment – something which I hope comes back over time.

I did manage to keep my liquids up which was great and I had a week off meds due to the illness so this was also a break. (However you should never do this without medical advice).

What I learned this week

Theres a reason weaning babies cry all the time!!


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