Week five after surgery – and my life just got soft AND crunchy

OMG I never thought I would cry about eating a mini Cheddar!!

But that’s exactly what I did when I had my first real crunch in 4 whole weeks.

I woke up excited about being able to expand what I could eat and yet breakfast still ended up being Weetabix (although for the rest of this weeks breakfasts I added in a strawberrry cut up small)

By snack time I grabbed my go-to – some cheese. Although my friends I can confirm that this cheese was HARD. Well not hard exactly but it was a small slice of mature cheddar and was HEAVEN.

By lunchtime I was worried what I was going to eat and it ended up being a very boring soup although this time it had lumps in!!

It was my mid afternoon snack that bought tears to my eyes. I had a few mini Cheddars with some cheese on (Cheese overkill anyone?) and it was literally heaven. I made those crackers last for as long as I could, savouring every last morsel as if I hadn’t eaten in years.

For Dinner I had some salmon, broccoli and mash, as I had been missing broccoli so much. I put some parsley sauce with the salmon and steamed it so it was literally just cooked and it was divine!!

For the rest of the week I settled into a routine, pretty much sticking to the diet plan, cereal for breakfast, something warm for lunch (usually believe it or not Sainsburys tinned ravioli which was surprisingly good) and then in the evening I would have either fish-pie, chili or sausage casserole and mash.

So what did I learn this week?

Crunch is everything!!


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