No added sugar Rocky Road

I have been hankering after something totally indulgent that doesn’t send me into a carb coma since Christmas. I started to think that rocky road would be an easy option as I can get NAS versions of all the ingredients and wanted to try this to see if it would hit the spot and I can confirm it did,


200g NAS dark chocolate

135g butter

2tbs sugar free syrup

200g NAS Digestive biscuits

100g Sugar free marshmallows

100g mix of nuts and dried fruit (I used walnuts, cranberries, apricot and dried cherries)


In a pan gently melt the butter chocolate and syrup until liquid

In a bowl bash up the biscuits into various sized pieces

Chop and in the marshmallows, nuts and dried fruits

Add in the chocolate mix and combine fully

Pour the mix into a lined deep baking tin and push to the edges and level

Refrigerate for a couple of hours then cut into cubes and store in the fridge until you need them


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  1. one “tip” (pardon the pun!) for replacing the sugar free dark chocolate is to use cocoa nibs (H&B etc sell them). You need a grinder (or you can do a workout with a pestle and mortar!) to grind them up!

    Where do you get the no additional sugar digestive etc from?

    1. Hi Malc, thanks for the tip re cocoa nibs, I must try them.

      Believe it or not all the ingredients come from Sainsbury’s- they stock a range of biscuits by SIRO including digestives, oaties and even choc chip cookies.

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