Face2Face Friday

F2FfridaySo this is it…

This is the Image that has finally convinced me that Ive done the right thing with this surgery.   There are 8 years and 8 stones between these pictures


At 40 I used to feel like an old man. I topped the scales at 24 and a half stones (155kg) I was tired, I was ill, I had diabetes, High blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint pain and rattled with the amount of pills I took each day.

I had no joy. I wasn’t living life


At 48 I feel so much younger than I did then. I now top the scales at 15 and a half stones (98kg)  I no longer take any medication. I no longer feel ill. My diabetes is now diet controlled,  I dont need a machine to keep me breathing at night. I am not in pain, I walk for miles each day. I have energy. I have fun

I am happy. I live life


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