Day one of my LRD – and I feel like a fraud

So at the end of day one of my Liver reducing Diet (LRD) I am sitting here and feel like a bit of a fraud.

Ive only once felt hungry , I have enjoyed my food today and more importantly I’m full at the end of the day. I’ve probably focussed too much on when my next food is coming but that is nothing new for me.

So how did today go…

First was breakfast 09.30

2 rashers of bacon grilled with tomatoes and boiled mushrooms. Washed down with a large coffee using milk from allowance and my (boots A to Z complete) multivitamin.

I’ll be honest I bloody loved this and can’t believe I haven’t tried this before, did I feel cheated that I didn’t have bread? NO! Did I enjoy every mouthful? Absolutely!!!

I planned a piece of fruit for a snack about 11 but got caught up in work so saved that treat for later.

Next up Lunch 13.00

lunch consisted of most of a pack of smoked mackerel, sliced iceberg lettuce, diced red onion, baby plum tomatoes and cucumber all tossed in lemon juice and cracked black pepper. This was filling and tasty. Was it WOW, no, was it sustaining YES. (It would have been amazing with a triangle of buttered Granary bread)

I snacked on a couple of pieces of fruit over the next couple of hours (I had a nectarine at 15.00 and a banana at 17.30) as I wasn’t going to be home till much later.

And lastly dinner 20.00

I was panicking about what to have for dinner until I popped into Sainsbury’s and came across some reduced chicken, bean sprouts and Chinese stir fry, which I tuned into dinner with fresh ginger, garlic, soy, fish sauce, lemon zest and juice and chilli. This was mega tasty and enough for several meals.

I washed this down with some blackcurrant squash and finished everything off about an hour later with some fresh pineapple and my strawberry yoghurt.

So what did I learn?

Drinking was challenging throughout the day but I got through it. I added some flavour drops to iced filter water and had several glasses of that throughout the day and had a couple of mugs of tea with the rest of my milk allowance.

Planning is essential. I panicked about dinner and it could have gone horribly wrong if I couldn’t find something in time. I also forgot I was out late today so munched on fruit when my blood sugars felt low. I should however have drunk more.

Most importantly I realise I don’t need carbs to enjoy my food!,

Next challenge is to NOT drink with food to get ready for life after surgery


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