Day two of my LRD – and it’s harder than you think

Last night, after I’d posted about day one, I had unbelievable cravings, about an hour after I’d eaten my last food of the day. Crisps, cheese, crackers, ham. All these things that I couldn’t have. I had another drink and it didnt help so I went to bed.

Today has been much harder than yesterday. It’s also been deja vu as far as food has been concerned.

First up breakfast – 09.10

Same breakfast, different layout. No real problems with this, still tastes great, still fills me up, still love it. Still with the big coffee and followed up with a glass of water.

This time however by 10.30 I was craving my piece of fruit. I managed to last till 11.30 but devoured the nectarine in double quick time. There was nothing mindful about the way I ate, if I could I would have eaten the stone LOL

Our office was giving out ice creams and lollies at work and thank god they got me some sugar free ice poles as I slaughtered 2 of those t 12.00

next stop lunch – 13.00

I hadn’t planned today so I had to go out to get lunch. NOT PLANNING WAS A MISTAKE! I was hungry, in this heat, trying to get food fast. Sainsbury’s came to my rescue again but I ended up repeating yesterday’s lunch.

This time I mashed and shredded the mackerel with loads of lemon juice to make it seem bulkier and added in celery to the salad, all served with loads of black pepper and yet more lemon juice. This did distribute the mackerel better in the salad!!

I drank iced strawberry and kiwi still water from Sainsbury’s which was really refreshing and I’ll be topping this up throughout the day.

By 14.30 I was craving the banana that I have to wait till 5pm for. A colleague made me an earl grey tea and I came to sit on our sofas at work as I was feeling really lethargic and just not myself.

Lastly Dinner – 20.30

I’d eaten my banana by 4pm and left work slightly early as I was feeling really crap and by the time I’d got home I wolfed down most of my daily yoghurt allowance.

I had to go to a regular meeting I attend so didn’t end up getting back till 20.30 by which time all I could manage to do was reheat last nights stir fry. Washed down with sugar free blackcurrant squash and followed by my last piece of fruit chopped up with the remains of my yoghurt.

I was in bed by 21.30 as I was exhausted and to avoid cravings.

So what did I learn today?

PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING!! This isnt an easy ride and without knowing what I’m having, and importantly when. I can’t regulate my blood sugars properly and felt even hungrier.

My meds probably need a review as I felt like I was having my first hypo as the pills were trying to remove sugars that weren’t there,

I need to get creative and come up with some innovative meal ideas, using things like salad dressings and gravy granules to bulk up my meals


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