Day three of my LRD – and innovation is King

Yesterday wasn’t as hard as the day before and a lot of that about thinking creatively. I had been sticking wholeheartedly to the 3 meals (even when it meant I ate too late and therefor didn’t feel good) and i don’t think that helped.  Today I got a little creative

First Up Breakfast – 10.00

Bacon, Tomatoes and Mushrooms again- however I microwaved the tomatoes rather than grilled them this time which gave a different sensation (and gave me a great idea) and switched out the baby mushrooms for baby chestnut mushrooms. Washed down with a big coffee and chilled water.

The microwaved tomatoes were sloppier and the mushrooms were stronger tasting with lots of pepper it made things taste nicer. I also changed out my rashers to the best I could get – thick cut oak smoked from a butcher – and it really made a difference to breakfast.  I also mixed the water I cooked mushrooms and tomatoes in and drank that and it was a taste sensation (yes Im that desperate)

I had watermelon (thanks to work) for a piece of fruit and that really got me through till lunchtime.

Next Up Lunch – 15.00

I had a busy lunch getting my haircut to try and keep myself busy so I got a rottiserie chicken from Morrisons and ended up having both lunch and dinner protein in one hit. (Above pic shows just lunch protein, I ate the other after;) Had this with loads of salad, pickled onions and vinegar instead of lemon juice.  Was totally lush

Finished this with a banana about an hour later and washed down with orange and peach flavoured water from Morrisons

And Lastly Dinner – 20.30

I was still full from lunch so not hungry at all. all I had here was my last piece of fruit (a handful of blueberries) with blueberry Skyr yoghurt from allowance.

And what did I learn…

The importance of thinking outside the box and of being flexible. By trying a different way to cook my tomatoes I came up with the great idea below.  and by having all my protein at once, I panicked I would be starving later but actually i wasnt thinking about food as I had a meal I loved at lunch.

The only hunger I felt was then dealt with by my fruit and yogurt. I also managed to drink me. Overall whilst today wasnt an optimal day I did enjoy what I ate and didnt feel the dreaded hunger.

I also came up with a great idea – mincing the beef i have and making a sauce from microwaved tomatoes and herbs, adding in peppers onions and mushrooms to make a bolognese sauce which should be veggie packed and filling. Was even thinking  of serving with Courgetti – watch this space to see if I make it LOL


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